Favourite Apps

A pick of the best open source, cross-platform apps that you should try

Kodi : The only Media Manager that will your ever need

Kodi is the best open source media manager out there along with Plex. It comes with a ton of add-ons and plug-ins that will allow you to download media art, subtitiles, song lyrics and movie info. It gets better. There are extensions to access live TV, You Tube, Hulu and Internet Radios. This is THE tool to manage movies, TV shows, music, pictures and videos. The best part is it is getting continously updated with a large community supporting it. Go and try it once!

CCleaner : Clean up your PC

When the PC is littered with digital waste and slows to a crawl,this tool comes to the rescue.

Free Video Joiner : Joins all those video files with weird formats

Ever faced a problem with videos in dozens of formats and having to download tons of tools to merge them. This one tool will rule them all. Mind you it only joins similar format files. For converting into common format you have to use a video converter. See the links below.

Media Center Master : All-in-one tool to organize movie database

I have more than 1TB of movie collection. It is a nightmare to rename files, tag the movies and download metadata like posters and thumbnails. I had chanced upon this tool sometime back and it made it a breeze since then.

HandBrake : Video transcoder par excellence

Any of us with a large collection of movies knows the pain of dealing with a myraid of formats.This free tool encodes video files to our preferred format, rips non-DRM DVDs and much more. I personally encode all moves into .mkv format for ease of use on all devices.

MKVToolnix : Merge MKV Files

MKV container format is one of the most popular formats to store media files. All my movie collection is in MKV format to take advantage of the ability to compress better and store audio, video and subtitiles in one single track. You ever had to merge MKV files like me? This is the tool for it.

Calibre : Manage your ebooks and sync with Kindle

Calibre is one the best free tools avaliable for managing digital books. It can sync with your kindle, automatically download meta data and convert books across formats.

Komodo Edit : No need to buy expensive code editors

I have managed to build this entire website with a free HTML editor tool, Komodo edit. It has all the basic functions avaliable, is stable and doesnt cost a dime. You can edit HTML, PHP, Java, CSS and more for free.

Any Video Converter: Free video format converter

Any Video Converter is the best free software that converts video in any format to MPEG-4 format. I use it often to convert home videos to play on my iPhone. This will come handy if you have smartphone and want to play videos recorded on other sources.

Freemind: Tool for mind mapping

Freemind, like the other mind mapping tools avaliable in the market, allows for capturing easily a process, idea, project or just about any thing. Freemind has all the features you may need for basic use. However a better user interface will not hurt either.

PrimoPDF: #1 free PDF creator

PrimoPDF converts just about any file format to a PDF. You can use print-to-pdf from print options or just drag-and-drop the file on the program window. The conversion process is quick and efficient. Best part of the program is it allows for password protecting the files after the converting to PDF. So you can scan and send confidential documents without worrying about the data theft.

Lastpass: No need to remember any more passwords

Lastpass is a secure and free tool to remember passwords. It has a plug-in for every broswer and a desktop version as well. Once a password is saved it can be accessed from any computer by just logging in to the lastpass website once. All passwords are encrypted and stored on Lastpass server which even lastpass cant read. You can also take encrypted USB backup

Irfanview: The best free image editor out there

This is the best free image editing software that you can find. It can merge, compress, crop, convert images and do many more things.

Switch: Sound fomart converter

Converts audio songs in any file format into .mp3 or WAV

Filezilla: Best free FTP client around

This is the best free FTP client around. It is light weight and complete with every feature that we need for FTP upload/download.

Goodsync: One of the best backup tools for Windows

Goodsync is one of the best sync and back-up tools out there for Windows. So much so that I purchased the paid version as well. What impressed me is the number of sync options it provides, ability to back up from FTP sites, hard drives and network attached storage devices. In addition one can set the option to deselect some folders, schedule sync at certain times of the day and even run the sync from USB drives.

Windows Defender: PC protection

Very useful tool for virus protection to Windows OS systems. It also has a software explorer feature to limit unnecessary programs which start-up when you boot the systems. Helps to keep the boot-up time low. The real time virus protection is useful.

DVD Decrypter: works similar to DVD shrink but very good with decryption.

Works best when used in combination with DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink can decrypt most of the encryptions but for complex encryptions it throws up an error. You can use this tool when DVD shrink throws up an error reading DVD disks.  Caution: There are certain legal restrictions to use this tool in some countries including US.

Rip it 4 me: works along with DVD shrink for decryption.

Ripit4me is similar tool as DVD decrypter but even powerful. You must install DVD decryper (above) before using this for decryption. (Caution: There are legal restrictions to use this tool in many countries including US)

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